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Do Dogs Have Apples

We Know that animals eat fruits peels Like banana, apples, etc. But some animals like fruits For Example Apples, kiwi, Rice, Shrimp, chocolate and watermelon, etc.

Many people thought dogs eat biscuits & Milk & meat. Dogs favorite thing is Meat. But my dog favorite thing is an apple. Many people say dogs do not eat fruits but my dogs eat fruits. Fruits are good for Human, Birds, and animals.

People Said

“Apples are not good for dogs but I say apples are good for dogs.”

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Are apples good for dogs

In this topic, the question is apples are good or bad for dogs. You know apples are very healthy fruits for all. If dogs eat apples no problem apples are good for dogs. Apples do have some Vitamin C, however, canines don’t require it. Since your pooch is as of now eating a total and adjusted eating routine.

How I prepare apples for dogs

  • Buy 1 Apple
  • Washed
  • Cored
  • Remove seeds & stem
  • Cut apples into slides

Bad effects on dogs 


No. From tart to sweet assortments, all apples are useful for your canine to eat as a treat.

“Tart flavors aren’t really a mood killer for your pooch. On the off chance that you have a most loved assortment, you can have a go at offering it to your pooch, as well,”

Possible Side Effects on dogs!

Regardless of whether you take all the fundamental safety measures, your canine may not respond well to apples.

This can apply to any new sustenance you feed your pooch too. That is the reason it’s imperative to bring new sustenances into your canine’s eating regimen gradually, to maintain a strategic distance from stomach related bombshell. The most continuous unfriendly response to eating apples is a vexed stomach, and your canine may respond with regurgitating or lose bowels. In the event that this happens to make certain to give your puppy a lot of water to avoid drying out.


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